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Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What exactly is search engine optimization?!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of your comprehensive Internet marketing program that helps your website rank highly in the major search engines.

When someone is using a search engine to find what you offer, your website name needs to appear in the first or second page of results, in order to generate traffic. This means that your website will be in the first 10-20 websites that come up when someone does a search for what you sell. The closer you are to the top, the more searchers will click through and go to your website. If you are listed under search phrases that are commonly used, you’ll see significantly increased website traffic!

The term SEO itself has only been used since 1996. Search engine optimization is a multi-step process. Our work includes correcting your existing HTML and Meta tags to be read correctly by the search engine spiders. Then we analyze what key words your prospective customers are most likely to use, developing new webpages (content rich pages that answer the search term exactly) that feature the right number of these words, and submit your site to search engines. In addition, we utilize other traffic-generating strategies, such as pay-per-click, making sure you’re included on key Internet and industry-specific directories.

Q: What are meta-tags?

Meta-tags are HTML code that does not appear on your screen, and are used by the search engine spiders to determine where to classify your webpage. The ones that are most helpful in search engine optimization include your site’s title and description tags. The title tag is displayed at the top of the browser. Search engines still utilize the meta-description in the search results they show on the page, and they can appear as appealing ad in answer to the search. Meta tags also can create a search listing that helps increase click through, if worded correctly.

Q: What search engines is my website submitted to to achieve high rankings?

Search engines don’t require submission… this is a SEO myth.When someone says they are submitting you to 100′s of search engines, run, don’t walk to a real SEO company.

We focus on the rules that the top search engines look for. The top 3 are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your website is set up correctly, it will be found by all the popular meta search engines around the entire globe.

Q: I already have fairly high search engine positions for my important keyphrases. Can you help me make them even better?

Absolutely! We utilize a whole array of skills and strategies that can improve your search engine results and bring more qualified traffic to your site. Search engines never rest (nor do you competitors), so it’s an ongoing process.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your website goals and show you how Increase Visibility can help you achieve them.

Q: Why should I be concerned about my site’s positioning?

For the same reason retailers put a sign outside their store or an ad in the Yellow Pages – More Sales!

Everyday, more and more people are using the Internet to simplify their buying process. Each one is a potential customer. Gaining the attention of these customers is vital to your success.

Search engines are the most popular means for people to find what they are looking for on the Web. People using search engines to locate your products and services are generally great prospects. Just by virtue of searching for something, it tells us the person has a need they are looking to fill… whether it’s for information to help the buying decision, or a specific search for a products or service, the Internet has changed the way customers buy.

If you are not effectively using the search engines then you are losing what is the best quality traffic your site can attract. And, you are losing potential business.

Q: What is keyphrase research and why is it important?

Keyphrase research is the process of finding terms and phrases that are relevant to your site and are most frequently searched by your audiences. A strong traffic-generating program needs the right set of key phrases. Our experts pick the right keywords to generate the most traffic to your website.

Q: How long does it take for my site to show up on the search engines after you optimize it?

It usually takes us 3-4 weeks to complete our initial work. Then we monitor the indexing to make sure you have been accepted as a search result. After the initial optimization, we tweak the content as needed to get you ranked higher. Links to your site play a major part in how well you rank – our link building programs are ongoing, and can take months of work, depending on how competitive the search phrase you are trying to appear under.

Q: Why does it take so long for my site to get near the top rankings?

Gaining high search positions takes time because the search engines are faced with millions of pages to classify. Although a search engines like Google constantly updates their search result indexes, they also use popularity as a factor when ranking the results. Having quality links to your site helps this ranking immensely and is a major part of our service. With everything aligned correctly, the site can gain high search positions in a few weeks. The competitive nature of the search phrase dictates the amount of additional SEO work we need to perform to get you ranked near the top. Your website’s content also plays a role in being at the top. The search engine’s job is to provide the best result to the person searching.. so it’s your job to be the best result by providing worthwhile content.

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