How Experts Generate Leads Through Powerful Content Marketing

A lot of businesses are finding it hard to reach new customers in our modern and buzzing digital world.  It is quite easy to understand that so many companies find it hard to get the public to like social media pages and eventually convert to their website and commit to purchasing.  Just take a quick glance at just how much is going on online nowadays. 

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site in the world presently has more than 2.07 billion active monthly users and many of these users are business social media pages. 

Now you would think that it would be easy to get a lot of engagement from customers with more than 2.07 billion active monthly users, but it is not.

Three Big Reasons Why It Is Hard To Reach Customers Online

The three main reasons why your business is having difficulties at navigating new customers to your site include the following;

  • Billions of internet users are constantly sharing ideas, images, jokes, videos, adverts, posts and other information online on almost a daily basis. That is a lot of content.  When an internet user scans through all of this information they only give about a second or even less to view the particular post or content before scrolling on.  This makes it hard enough for internet users to actually take note of your specific adverts.
  • The second reason is because of social media content and search engine filtering. Paid media and advertising gains a lot of favor and generic posts usually don’t get more than a handful of views even if you have a large fan base. 
  • Another big reason why you find it hard to lure new customers to your website is because they don’t know about you. If someone doesn’t know about your company then they won’t find you online. 


Is It Still Worth The Effort To Advertise Online?

With the challenges involved in reaching your audience a lot of businesses and especially new businesses ask this question.  Is it still worth the effort to advertise online?  A few quick statistics might answer this question for you.

  • The possibilities for reaching potential clients on social media sites and online is endless because there are so many active online users. For example;

Facebook – 2.061 billion active users

YouTube – 1.5 billion active users 

Instagram – 700 million active users

Twitter – 368 million active users

These are just a few of the many online social media platforms.  With this many online users you can bet that this is the right place to advertise if you want to reach more customers.

  • For your company to be successful you should also modernize business methods in order to attract a younger and future generation. A study showed that 93% of adults between the age of 18 and 29 years are actively online and 72% of these young adults use social media sites. 
  • Digital advertising and content sharing makes it easier for customers to locate your business information.
  • It is easier for the public to invest in your company when they can shop online without leaving the comfort of home.

So what is the best way to reach potential customers?

Online customers are not going to accidentally come across your website or social media page. The only way to lure customers to your page or site is through advertising.  Businesses believe that content marketing is the best way to promote to the public by far for the following five reasons;

1. Affordability

All marketing methods require capital investment but successful companies use content marketing because it is such a cost-effective way to reach prospective customers.  When you promote locally you print flyers, put up posters and advertise in local magazines and newspapers all of which are extremely expensive, short-lived and harmful to the environment. 

Digital advertising, on the other hand, does not pollute and the content stays available online for infinity.  Your online content can be used on different digital platforms, it can be shared a number of times through different marketing channels like social media, email and more and you can keep using the same content for as long as it remains effective. 

This more affordable advertising method is also a lot more effective because you can reach a lot more customers since there are so many active online users.

2. Boosted Website Visibility

Everyone is shopping online – almost literally.  It is estimated that 80% of the world population have purchased online and 70% says it saves time and money.  It makes sense that a digital appearance is critical but you also need to boost your online visibility so your target audience can find your company.  Content marketing does exactly this for you.  Marketing your content on different platforms and social sites enhances visibility because there is more keywords, backlinks and draw features to lure customers to your business.

3. Improved Relationships

Content marketing boosts customer relationship because you can constantly engage with current or recurring customers in order to gain their trust, loyalty and to get them to invest in your business again. 

 4. Great For Maintaining Engagement

With content marketing, you can start working on a customer database that includes information like names, surnames, email addresses, telephone numbers and more.  These databases are superb for maintaining customer engagement because you can keep customers in the loop of company news by sharing newsletters. 

Research has found that 44% of email recipients result in the purchase and about every $1 spent on email has a returns value of $44.25 in average.

5. Improved Credibility

Customers will learn to trust you as time goes by.  They can view several digital platforms to get more information about your product and service and other customer ratings and referrals are great for improving credibility.  Sharing useful information about your products and services is also a superb way to boost credibility because customers can learn more about you, your products, services, methods and your company goals and objectives.

With these key reasons, it is quite easy to see exactly why so many businesses use content marketing to reach new customers and to engage older customers.  If your business is struggling to make your mark out there and to get sales then it is definitely time to start leveraging content marketing so you can also reap some of the tremendous benefits of this marketing strategy?

What Is The Hardest Part About Content Marketing?

If you think that reaching new customers is the hardest part of content marketing then you are making a huge mistake.  Sharing content that is suitable, engaging and appealing is also challenging but isn’t the biggest challenge associated with content marketing.  The hardest part of content marketing is to keep previous customers engage so they will use your product or service again instead of straying to competitors.  You need to constantly engage with customers and build a strong relationship with them through content.

A content marketing strategy is your key to customer relationship success. Content marketing is no simple task and without a good marketing strategy, you are basically lost because you have no direction, no motivation, and no goal.

With an effective content marketing strategy, your website will gain traffic because website ranking is boosted.  Here are a few tips to build a strong and trusted relationship with customers;

Establish Your Target Audience

This is the first step in content marketing.  If you don’t know whom and where your target audience is you can end up wasting a lot of money on ineffective marketing.  Identifying your target audience also gives you useful information like the following;

  • The right format of content
  • The best type of content to share that appeals to your specific audience
  • Frequency and publishing schedule
  • Optimization with regards to a specific location, ethic group or age group.

Quality Content Is A Must

Google doesn’t magically boost your website rating just because you are sharing something on your blog and the public isn’t going to engage with you if your content isn’t appealing or useful.  It is important to create good quality content that suits the following characteristics;

  • Informative to readers
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to access
  • Attractive visual design
  • Credible information
  • Engaging and useful
  • Call to action to inspire conversion
  • Actual engagement with people

Identify The Right Content Platform

Your content should be posted on the right platform where you are likely to reach the most customers.  Facebook, for example, is superb for buyer to customer advertising but Likened is better for business to business advertising.  Instagram, on the other hand, is better for conversion because visual images are the best draw feature.

Monitor And Improve

No one becomes a content master overnight.  It is going to take some time to find out what your target audience likes to see and to identify the best marketing channels.  It is also going to take some time for you to learn what the most effective content marketing methods are.  You should track the effectiveness of content by establishing growth with regards to engagement, post reach, conversion and commitment to purchase.  A marketing flannel will help you establish the processes that customers have to undergo in order to buy your product and also gives you valuable information on where and how to promote for enhanced effect.


A good and successful business is built on trust and the best way to establish trust is by constantly engaging through content marketing. If you consider the above steps then you should be able to create a good content marketing strategy that is bound to improve your overall digital presence, boost your website ranking and drive more traffic to your site. 

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