Link Building

Link Building

It is about quality, not quantity.

Link popularity is defined as, “The number of quality, relevant websites that link to your website thereby increasing the value of your website in the eyes of the search engines.”

Link popularity is currently one of the most important factors in gaining top search engine positions and increasing website traffic. In fact, on Google almost 45% of ranking is influenced by the links to your site – because it tells them that other sites think you are important.

Our process of gaining quality links for your website involves hours of research.

Our in-house team of search marketing strategists take the expensive guesswork out of paid search with proven expertise, cutting-edge technology and direct relationships with Google AdWords, Bing, Search Marketing Facebook Ads and other targeted display networks. These enhanced relationships translate into more favouable bid pricing and improved performance metrics. Increase Visibility prides itself on our revenue generating paid advertising solutions.

Links provide two primary advantages for a website owner.

  • They help you to increase link popularity for your website.
  • Links also help to generate direct traffic. Direct traffic is the traffic (potential customers) that are referred from the other sites that you have provided a link to

Since the only valuable link is an incoming link – getting incoming links from quality, relevant websites involves producing content that attracts linking.

Our Link Plans are designed to improve the ranking of a Web Site by linking it with other web sites that have the same theme, improve traffic by improving the sites PR (Page Rank) and also promoting the site within other sites useful links areas.

Many search engines now work on the philosophy that the more sites that you have linking to you, within the same theme, the more important your site is within that theme (Keywords).

However, in the past sites would just merrily exchange reciprocal links believing that this would improve their PR and thus improve their positions in the search engines. This is no longer the case. Search engines now look for relevance in the exchange, so Real Estate sites exchanging links with irrelevant sites, lose the impact that two real estate sites, or a real estate site and a mortgage site, would have.

It is now important to have links from sites that have relevance and importance. Linking from other sites will of course bring some traffic to your site, but on the whole it is more important from a search engine point of view.


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