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With decades of experience even seasoned SEO experts could learn quite a bit from our techniques.

With the search marketing industry growing significantly over the last 5 years there has been a surplus of people and information making a lot of promises and all with varying levels of expertise. For a small business owner that is looking for quality SEO Services that are still relatively affordable it is hard to separate the online marketing carnie men selling snake oil and those that offer legitimate Internet Marketing services that are help increase the search visibility of your business. We will go over several of the services we provide that have been proven to work consistently for thousands of businesses. If at any point you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. We are always happy to point you in the right direction.

We go way beyond the basics that any college intern with a laptop can do.

From the beginning, SEO has always started with Keyword Research. Many SEO companies or SEO Consultants simply login to Google’s Keyword Tool and spit out a list of keywords that you should be targeting based on popularity. We have found that a lot of them don’t even know how to use the Google Keyword Tool properly and fail to understand that it is a general guide and is a decent starting point. Every day we find many keywords that Google’s tool claims have zero searches and yet we can see dozens of impressions and clicks in the analytic reports of our clients’ accounts.

Advanced Keyword Research

We go much further. We will analyze your competitors, related topics, Google Suggest phrases, and Seasonal Keyword trends. We can break up the keywords into “groups” that include variations of each. Some of these may include descriptors that are buying phrases such as “where to buy”, “cheap”, “for sale”, and “discount”. Other times we find research phrases such as “what is…”, “how do you…”, or “vs” that compares one topic or product to another. And though we can create a much more comprehensive list of potential keyword targets that can drive sales, even this isn’t good enough. So we calculate a difficulty score based on the barrier of entry into each segment.

  • Competitor Targeted Keywords
  • Overlapping & Related Topics
  • Google Suggested Search Phrases (pops up when you start typing a search)
  • Seasonal Keyword Trends
  • Calculate a Difficulty Score for 1st page rankings
  • Prioritize biggest opportunities (not always the keyword with the most searches)
  • Track conversion on all search Referrals for ROI

We determine which keywords may generate the highest returns and prioritize the list accordingly.

Conversion Tracking

We track the conversion of each keyword (even if there are hundreds or thousands) to funnel and clarify our efforts into those that are most successful. Then we can proceed to target secondary keywords. But EVEN IF you knew the exact list of keywords you needed to target to generate the highest value for your marketing dollars, EVERYTHING comes down to execution. HOW you optimize in today’s search industry that is littered with potential landmines will make the difference between success and failure.

THIS IS WHY you need real experts that aren’t playing around with your money and learning on the job but have done it before; having years of first-hand experience at their fingertips!!!

This is some of the dirty work that few want to do, and even fewer know how to do well. Most SEO companies or consultants will only tell you the basics.

  • Unique Header tags (H1 tags, H2, etc)
  • Unique Header tags (H1 tags, H2, etc)
  • Keyword Rich Meta tags
  • ALT tags on images
  • Title tags on links

  • XML Sitemaps – including proper formatting, updating, multi-language support, compression techniques and more
  • IP and Server configuration
  • additional lesser-known meta tags that can add more structured data tags
  • and cleaning up code for better performance

Here are just a few of the additional expert SEO services you can expect from a professional Internet Marketing agency:

  • Internal Linking structures (indexability & page rank optimization)
  • Canonical Tag implementation
  • Best Practices for Subdomains
  • 404 & 500 error reports and fixes
  • Correct implementation of 301, 302, and 410 codes
  • Schema Markup implementation (key item props and syntax validation)
  • Open Graph tag implementation
  • JS file consolidation where necessary
  • Image performance optimization through sprites or CSS3
  • Link obfuscation (multiple links to the same destination on the same page)
  • Panda & Penguin audit
  • duplicate content
  • ads above the fold
  • ad/content ratios
  • low quality content check
  • over optimization check

More Advanced SEO Services

We can also include advanced SEO services that leave no stone unturned. The line between good website development and Search Engine Optimization has blurred over the years. In many cases, if a search marketing firm does not have a strong development background, they likely lack the ability to deliver expert SEO services.

  • Full broken link audit
  • URL structure and formatting
  • Orphaned page check
  • Keyword proximity report (distance of keywords in the code and content)
  • Keyword saturation report (multiple pages or sites targeting the same keywords)
  • Keyword Accuracy report (direct matches or variations)
  • Keyword Relevance report
  • HTML tag & code optimization
    • cleanup spacing / comments
    • converting deprecated tags
    • removing table layouts
    • vs, etc.
  • HTML compression
  • Image & Data caching
  • Blog Optimization (technical analysis, plugins, performance)
  • Contextual Linking analysis
  • Content Blocking report
  • Advanced Usability Audit
    • Use of Lazy Loading
    • Use of Dynamic content (ajax)
    • Use of Flash
    • Use of JS / JQuery enabled features
  • Audit of any tokenized content
  • Navigational Recommendations
  • Photo name and page optimization
  • Multiple site or network optimization (including architecture and IP setup)
  • Misspelling report
  • Optimizing Contact and About Us pages (helps in local search and listing claiming)
  • W3C Validation
  • RSS feed optimization
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Comment or Forum Spamming (unmoderated sites will lose authority and trust)
  • Internal link mapping
  • Directory depth (clicks from the homepage)
  • Black Hat analysis (potentially negative SEO impact)
    • Content / Code cloaking
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Content masking / hiding
      • Same color font as the background
      • Pushing content off the page or hiding content using CSS or JS
      • Replacing content through CSS or JS
      • Redirecting pages without a 301 redirect
    • Linking to Questionable sites or networks
    • Reciprocal Linking, Tri-linking, Link Farms, Link Networks
    • Sponsored posts or other non-organic linking
    • Massive use of duplicate content (copying Press releases & public domain content)
  • Check Link Targets (open in a new window)
  • Internal NoFollow Report
  • Domain Analysis (age, life, DNS location, TLD, Hypened or not, etc)
  • Server Info (location, unique or shared IP, other domains on the same IP)
  • Site Indexing
    • Indexing Frequency (does the site look stale or dead to the SE?)
    • Percentage of pages indexed
    • Depth of indexing
  • Site / Page Bounce Rates
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) within the displayed listing in the rankings
  • Google Site Link Creation
  • Site Reports (number of negative reports)
  • Site Privacy Policy check
  • Site Secure Certificate validation
  • Major Directory Listings
  • Email (is the email account or server associated with spam?)

There is a lot more but you get the point…

We could write a book on how search engines have looked at content over the last 15 years, how they have revised their definition of unique content, and even what they think is “valuable” or useful to the user. You may think your content is valuable but it only matters what the search engines think if you want to be ranked.

We create a content strategy that will act as food for the search engines, be a magnate for natural links, and engage users.

  • Short Form Content – capsules, breaking news, Q&A, FAQs, blogging, etc.
  • Long Form Content – in depth editorial, reviews, or commentary, etc.
  • User Generated Content – user reviews & ratings, forum posts, article commenting, twitter feeds, etc.
  • Syndicated Content – Relevant Press Releases, industry news, or Product Descriptions. Always followed by a personal view.

Years ago you could create content almost solely for Search Engines to optimize for their search criteria. Sadly many seo companies continue to take this approach Now, not only are the search algorithms more sophisticated by taking user experience and social signals into account, but quality content can generate more links and better conversion as well. We can create an entire content strategy that focuses on:

  • Content Relevance: to the keywords and phrases we are targeting
  • Content Depth: that may include longer technical or commentary pieces and Short Form blog-type posts
  • Content Frequency: you can’t just put a ton of articles and call it a day. Search Engines need to see that a site has the volume that makes it an authority and is still being updated so they don’t think the site is stale.
  • Content Uniqueness: writing your “take” having an unique “voice” on common topics isn’t bad, but it is also important to come up with something new otherwise a search engine may see you a more of a copycat and not a site that is producing unique value and therefore should be ranked higher.

Remember, CONTENT isn’t always just text. It could be a tool that customers use, or compiled list (top 10s), photos, infographics, or videos.

Link building is by far the most difficult and controversial part of SEO. This is partly due to the fact that the bedrock of the Google ranking algorithm was founded on the ability for links to transfer value to the pages they link to. Most companies don’t want to invest the time and effort to do it right. They would rather use link farms, reciprocal linking, comment spam or use other link building strategies that are more likely to hurt your site than help it. There are many ways to generate links. The best link building tactics are those that create valuable contextually relevant links naturally using inbound marketing methods of attracting people to your site..

We use advanced Link Building strategies to get natural organic links to your site.

Here are just a few of the dozens of ways to build natural links to a website

  • Building Useful Tools & Widgets
  • Create Guides & Resources
  • Generating Buzz in Social Networks
  • Create Intriguing Headlines and Content
  • Do Webinars, Surveys, and Polls
  • Establishing Relationships with Industry Experts
  • Building Credibility in Online Communities
  • Targeted Ads on key sites for visibility
  • Reputable Business Lists & Directories
  • Create How Tos, Tutorials, or FAQs sections
  • Use Social Sharing plugins like Add This
  • Use copy / paste sharing like TYNT
  • Share images / videos / podcasts
  • Create and submit Infographics
  • Create and submit RSS feeds
  • Create and promote an Ebook
  • Write Reviews / Testimonials
  • Give Interviews if asked
  • Ego bait / Be Controversial
  • Use Humor

Quality link acquisition is much harder and involves many other aspects of the site. But the reward for being consistent, patient, and creative in your link building strategy can pay off with HUGE dividends for years to come as the Authority status of the site can grow exponentially.

The concept of site Authority is one of the least understood search signals. Though it is true that the big companies can often dominate search results thereby enforcing a “rich get richer” system, this decision by Google was for good reason. Google believes that most users actually WANT these large, established, trustworthy sites and that by giving these sites a special boost to push them higher in the rankings it actually increases the relevance of the search results. In many cases they are correct and this works out well for those who want to use sites that other users have deemed trustworthy. The concept is that by being a large established brand you are less likely to try to manipulate the search algorithm and are more likely to be a respectful and upstanding member of the digital community, providing great content and great service to customers. The problem is that even many large companies have realized how lucrative Search Referrals can be so many have abused this “trust”. We have witnessed many techniques that Authority sites can get away with that other sites might actually get penalized for.

Website Authority and Trust is not given, it is earned. But if it was a point system, we can show you how to score quicker than your competitors.

The question is, how do you become an Authority? Part of this just takes time as the age of a site is also considered. However, there are definitive ways to increase your website Authority and Trust Rank and it should be of no surprise that most of it centers around great content, quality links, and social sharing. When you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense that if people like your content or service they are more likely to share it with others and link to it. This would make your site appear to be an Authority on the topic. Having other Authority sites also link to you is a big plus because they are essentially vouching for you, thereby passing some of their Authority and Trust to you.
I’m sure by now you can see that Search Engine Optimization done well is a holistic approach where each part feeds off the other.

If you have good Content and Usability, you’ll get more links and social sharing. If you have more links and social rank, you’ll have more Authority and Trust. If you have more of all of these, you’ll increase your rankings which will then generate more traffic, which will of course generate more links and sharing. It is an upward spiral to success. But if not done well, that spiral can just as easily be reversed.


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