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John Wallace | President & CEO | www.PublicCourses.com

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you and your team at Increase Visibility for helping me launch my website: PublicCourses.com. Their professional optimization team has done an amazing job with optimizing my website. In just a few short months, we have enjoyed nearly 6,000 unique visitors to our website and nearly 30,000 page views!

Obviously, our site is appearing at the top of the major search engines for several key words in organic searches. I firmly believe the combination of providing a great service to golfers and their team’s ability to get us recognized by the major search engines have made this possible.

Besides results, their SEO team is quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. They make themselves available to me and provide me with great ideas and recommendations. Their patience and sincerity go a long way. I sincerely appreciate their efforts – I could not have asked for more. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future and am confident they will continue to play an integral part in making my website successful.”

Warmest Regards,

William R. Jones | President ChildCare Background Research Corporation | www.childcarebackground.com

“As a web based business, our continued success is based on the number of qualified prospects who visit our web site each day. In 2007, our web team did an intensive evaluation of Search Engine Optimization companies and heard presentations and proposals from over 25 SEO firms. Prices and programs from the various SEO firms we spoke to varied widely (some being just short of ridiculous).

We selected Increase Visibility Inc. and have not been disappointed.Not only did they achieve their goals of getting and keeping our site in the top five placements in the organic search for our crucial key words, but they surpassed all of our expectations in accomplishing this feat in less than 120 days (even the most optimistic SEO firms said it would take over 6 months).

Increase Visibility Inc. is located in Orange County and employs ex-search engine employees. Their web technicians have an in-depth understanding of all the major Search Engine Algorithms and they put this knowledge to work for our business. Best of all, as our organic search engine rank climbed higher our Search Engine Pay per Click bills went lower and lower so that now, the service is virtually paying for itself. Of all the major business decisions I made last year, selecting Increase Visibility Inc. as our company‟s SEO was by far my best!

Brian Schwank | Director of Marketing | www.rockbottomgolf.com

“RockBottomGolf.com specializes in selling discount, closeout golf merchandise and chose Increase Visibility to help in our SEO efforts. Since we’ve been working with them, Increase Visibility has helped Rock Bottom increase ranking for our most important keywords and phrases, increasing ROI in our SEO channel. This allowed us to cut back on spend in costlier channels, pay-per-click in particular. Increase Visibility also helped Rock Bottom kick off our SEO efforts on two new sites this year and we’re already seeing benefits from natural search on these sites as well. Thanks!


Barbara K. Franklin | VP of Media and Technology Kitty Dunes Rentals

“We have been very pleased with our results we have received in the few years we have been working with this SEO company. We worked with two other companies prior to choosing Increase Visibility. I did a lot of research on line and found we were not getting the results I felt we should have been receiving. Jim is always right on top of the newest trends in the market and assists my company on what direction to follow to target our market. This resort area is very competitive and I know there is still a lot of work to be done. When I have questions, Jim is available via email and/or the phone. We have actually increased our off season reservations over last year. I would highly recommend Increase Visibility to anyone that is looking for a great SEO/Marketing company.


Dustin Roberts | Sales Manager | Tamshell Corporation

“I have worked with many optimization companies but I have found Increase Visibility has been the most responsive to my needs. Since Mike has taken over our PPC account I have seen more traffic to our site and we have steady improvement on the organic searches. I feel that all my concerns are addressed in a timely professional manner and look forward to continuing our relationship.



Chike Chukwulozie | CEO Estella | www.estella-nyc.com

“My site was penalized by Google due to previous SEO work and redesigns of the site that made our rankings all but disappear from Google for months. Needless to say, my trust in the SEO industry was very low after that experience but something had to be done. I called Increase Visibility and they were very professional and thorough in their evaluation of the site so I put my trust in them. They identified many areas that needed to be changed to correct the situation.

Then they went through the site and links very meticulously and fixed all the errors and mistakes. They not only corrected all the previous mistakes, they made many improvements across the entire site and mapped out a companywide long term growth plan that is exceeding all our expectations.
Our rankings and traffic from the search engines are the best they have ever been. You can trust Increase Visibility!

Warmest Regards,

Gina Lathan | North American Sales Manager 

As the North American Sales Manager for an international, construction based, manufacturing company, I was presented with the task of increasing our website traffic two years ago. Unfortunately website design and optimization is not one of my strong points. Lucky for me, however, I happened across your website and contacted your company for more information on how SEO actually worked.

From the very beginning, every individual we spoke with and worked with, from Increase Visibility offered exceptional support. Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful and patient as I became familiar with the website optimization processes.

As a mid-sized manufacturing company, trying to break into new markets and capture new opportunities, we decided we would „go for it‟ and sign on with Increase Visibility. At the time our website was hardly visible at all on any search engine. Shortly after our set up period we were appearing on the first page of most of the major search engines! Two years later we continue to receive more inquiries every week than we ever have.

Currently we are closing in yet another record year of sales. Our business has increased by 1/3 in the last two years, and much of our new business can be attributed to website inquiries! It is doubtful that we would have had these inquiries and made these sales if it were not for the effort and services so diligently carried out by Increase Visibility. When many of our competitors are complaining about slowing trends, down-turns in the construction market and decreasing profits, we are continuing to grow. Most definitely, our growth and success is, in part, due to inquires we receive via our website and the SEO that puts our name in front of potential customers with every click!

I mostly appreciate the seamless partnership we have with Increase Visibility. It takes very little effort on my part, yet it is one of the most important marketing tools we have! The reports we receive are informative and helpful, questions are addressed immediately, and outstanding results of Increase Visibility‟s SEO are evident everyday we open our e-mail or answer our phones and have an inquiry, “Hey, I found you on the web!”

Thank you very much for your continued services and commitment to our company. Only with your expertise, dedication to quality service, and pledge to support our needs, can we continue to succeed in our marketplace.

Most Sincerely,
Gina Lathan

Randy Legersky | Internet Marketing Manager HighJump Software, TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group


“TrueCommerce EDI Solutions has been a client of Increase Visibility since September 2010. By the end of that year we had achieved the initial SEO goals we had set out for our keyword rankings and even
surpassed some. We were able to maintain and build upon those rankings throughout 2011 and our organic traffic has doubled from these efforts. Our external links have steadily increased this year, every
week, from a growing number of websites. Increase Visibility was absolutely essential for a smooth transition this October when we merged our existing site content into a completely redesigned website of our new parent company, HighJump Software. The project went so well that HighJump has also come on board as a client this fall in addition to the continuing account for the TrueCommerce business unit.”

Randy Legersky

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