These are the Best Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use In 2017

Are you new to digital marketing?

If so, read on and find how you’d scale your business amazingly fast using the best digital marketing tools you can use in 2017. You may be still using the traditional ways to promote your products. But, when once you encounter this new trend, you’d be surprised to see the direction where the modern technology takes us. These digital marketing tools are so effective and worthy to adopt.

Why do you need digital marketing tools?

Modern customers prefer internet search. They read business blogs and customer reviews to find the best brand. Digital marketing tools can attract buyers and promote your sales thousand times quicker than the traditional TV and print ads do. They make your brands popular among a wider audience in a jiffy. Also, you can analyze traffic information and know what customers prefer. Video ads allow customers to interact directly online with your company. This improves customer relationships as well. Also, e-mails and social ads allow them to have a more personalized shopping experience. These strategies are affordable, effective and time saving too.  Boosting your overall sales is the ultimate benefit of using digital marketing tools.

So, you need to have them to stand out amidst a sea of other competitive business holders.

These are the best digital marketing tools you can find in 2017.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free digital marketing tool meant for SEO. By using it, marketers can witness the popularity of a certain service, event or product. They can know the number of online searches done for a certain keyword. It’s revealed that about 50,000 people use Google Trends in every second.

What’s specific about Google Trends is its ability to perform 5 search queries at a time. Unlike in the traditional way, these search results are displayed in eye catching, easy to read graphs. Also, search data is broken down by area and time span. For instance, if you need to know the number of searches done for J 7 Prime mobile phones in the past hour, you just have to enter it in the search bar. You’ll get the results in colorful graphs. So, Google Trends makes it easy for the marketers to know the needs of their customers.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you select the right keywords for your business blog or product description. That’s the most practical way to attract the attention of a large number of online customers. If you can make them reach your product before they go to anything else, you’ll be a successful marketer. Google Keyword Planner gives the correct choice of keywords to use in content marketing. It increases your visibility and promotes your sales at a great deal.

Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words is the best platform to launch your ad campaigns. When you use it your business is not confined to a small local area, but it is open to millions of customers over the globe. You can even sell your products in a specific area in the world as you wish.

When you use Google Ad Words you can directly see the number of clients who have visited your web and clicked on your ad. The amount of online sales you’ve done is also visible to you. Your CPC depends on the selected keywords and the type of your business. Marketers have to be careful in using keywords since the CPC is determined by the competitiveness of keywords. It’s quite cheaper to advertise in Google Ad Words.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an effective tool to advertise your products and services. It’s a quicker and easier way to take your business to millions of viewers in a short time. And their response is also direct, immediate and genuine. So, marketers can know the latest trends of customers in purchasing.

Facebook Ads uses its limited space effectively. You can reach your target audience by location, age, sex and many other options like interests and behaviors. The cost for ads depends on many factors such as location, target audience and even the quality of your ads. For instance, getting access to the customers in a more competitive country like USA is costlier than reaching them in a country like Malaysia. Anyway, advertising has become cheaper, quicker, more attractive and effective with Facebook Ads.


Apart from the above ones, there are a number of other digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, AppAnnie, Serpstat, Bing Ads etc. that serve best in advertising your products.

However, all these digital marketing tools help you promote your business. They are so quick, effective and time saving. In order to keep up with the competitive market today, you need to seek the support of them. You’d boost your sales rapidly if you use these best digital marketing tools which are available in 2017.

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